OutsourceSg expertise


For only the low monthly price of SGD 1,298 per pax, we can provide telemarketer/s that can grant the following:

Cold Calling.

Our agents are capable of setting appointments and/or attaining prospects with anyone!

Advertising (SMS and email blasting).

Aiming for direct inquiries from consumers? We’re only one send button away!

Property Agent's Assistant.

From coordinating, listing, resale, and invites, we can do all that for you!

Arrange viewings.

Want to endorse your products and services to customers personally? Have a development you’d like to invite potential buyers in? Our agents will provide the right market at your doors for you!

Setting Appointments.

Our agents can accurately provide the time, date, location, and other information you need from your potential prospects and meet with them one-on-one!


Want to conduct your appointments face-to-face? Great news! Your agent can set dates with your potential clients!

What our client says

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Victor Lee

@victor. 3 March

Our experience with Outsourcesg  has been notable. They have consistently delivered high-quality services while maintaining incredible efficiency. Their team’s  commitment to our project are truly commendable.

Michael Go

@michael. 4 June

We turned to Outsourcesg  to help us manage our time and cost  ,  they exceeded our expectations. Their cost-efficient solutions have allowed us to redirect resources to other areas of our business while maintaining  quality.

Anna Tan

@anna. 11 March

We’ve been working with Outsourcesg  for several years, and they have played an essential role in our business growth. Their expertise and  consistency,  have made them great value  partner.

Leo Yu

@leo. 13 July

What impresses us most about Outsourcesg is their adaptability skills. When challenges arise, they approach them with a proactive attitude and find creative solutions that keep our project on track.

Ben Chua

@ben. 23 May

One of the standout qualities of Outsourcesg  is their communication. They keep us informed at every stage of the project and are always ready to address our concerns. Their proactive support has been decisive to our success.

Esther Ko

@esther 15 Aug

Our partnership with Outsourcesg  is built on trust and a commitment to mutual growth. They have consistently delivered on their promises and  interest in our long-term success. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.

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