We have experience from various genres of the business industry commonly from property, financial advisory, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer companies, and are a trusted partner in navigating and outsourcing prospects!

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OutsourceSG has been in the business since 2014 and specializes in performing effective telecommunication and is compassionate in creating reliable partnerships with clients and their businesses and consumers.


OutsourceSg expertise


For only the low monthly price of SGD 1,298 per pax, we can provide telemarketer/s that can grant the following:

Cold Calling.

Our agents are capable of setting appointments and/or attaining prospects with anyone!

Advertising (SMS and email blasting).

Aiming for direct inquiries from consumers? We’re only one send button away!

Property Agent's Assistant.

From coordinating, listing, resale, and invites, we can do all that for you!

Arrange viewings.

Want to endorse your products and services to customers personally? Have a development you’d like to invite potential buyers in? Our agents will provide the right market at your doors for you!

Setting Appointments.

Our agents can accurately provide the time, date, location, and other information you need from your potential prospects and meet with them one-on-one!


Want to conduct your appointments face-to-face? Great news! Your agent can set dates with your potential clients!

How it works

Telemarketing is a dynamic and results-oriented marketing strategy that involves direct communication with potential customers over the phone. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Let us know what you need

Share with us your business aspirations, objectives, and any specific desires you may have. Once we understand your requirements, we will create a customized proposal aimed at assisting you in reaching your business objectives. Our goal is to collaborate closely with you and formulate a plan that suits both you and your business's unique needs."
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Dedicated staff reports on a daily basis

Our committed team provides daily reports to ensure that you stay informed about our progress and activities. These regular updates from our dedicated staff offer you a transparent view of our daily operations, allowing you to stay closely connected with the work we're doing and the milestones we're achieving.
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Our team manages the operations

At the heart of our organization, our team takes charge of overseeing and orchestrating all operational aspects. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our dedicated professionals meticulously handle the day-to-day activities, ensuring seamless execution and efficiency. We are the driving force behind the operational success that keeps your business running smoothly

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